Kaudamu heartwood is pink to light brown in colour and sapwood is cream to pale brown, darkening on exposure.  The texture is intermediate and uniform and the grain is usually straight.

Fijian Mahogany

Mahogany is a pinkish to pale brown with reddish brown streaks, becoming more uniform on exposure. Sapwood is light pink to yellow brown and grain wavy to inter locked.

Fijian Kauri (Dakua Makadre)

Fijian kauri heartwood is pale cream to golden brown in colour, with lustre. Sapwood is straw to pale brown. Texture is fine and the grain mainly straight with flecks visible on radial faces. The timber has excellent woodworking properties and high degree of stability.


Raidata is the most readily available timber in New Zealand. The heartwwod is light brown to yellow and sapwood white to pale yellow with wide distinguishable growth rings. Used for a wide variety of applications.