Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is a heartwood with variations in colour from pale brown to richer dark brown, giving it a reddish look. The sapwood is a paler yellowish white colour. It has a fine texture and straight grain with growth rings often visible.

Salusalu (Dakua Salusalu)

The colour of Salusalu ranges from pale brown to golden orange-brown and has a fine even texture.  Often regarded as a substitute for sap rimu.

TG & V Paneling

Our panelling range also includes Salu Salu (Fijian rimu), Fiji kauri, Yaka and Radiata Pine  a popular choice for cabinet making and joinery. All our panelling products are available in tongue-and groove style (V joint). Most of them are 83mm x 9mm cover.

Fijian Mahogany

Mahogany is a pinkish to pale brown with reddish brown streaks, becoming more uniform on exposure. Sapwood is light pink to yellow brown and grain wavy to inter locked.

Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian oak has a varying colour from Straw to a Reddish Brown. The grain is straight with open texture

Fijian Kauri (Dakua Makadre)

Fijian kauri heartwood is pale cream to golden brown in colour, with lustre. Sapwood is straw to pale brown. Texture is fine and the grain mainly straight with flecks visible on radial faces. The timber has excellent woodworking properties and high degree of stability.


Jarrah is a native to South Western Australia, it is a heartwood with a rich dark brownish red colour. It can have a straight or interlocked grain with an even medium coarse texture. One of world’s most durable timbers.


Raidata is the most readily available timber in New Zealand. The heartwwod is light brown to yellow and sapwood white to pale yellow with wide distinguishable growth rings. Used for a wide variety of applications.

New Zealand Rimu

NZ Rimu is a native of New Zealand and is a even textured softwood which is a reddish brown colour sometimes even a yellowish brown with a variable look depending weather it is heart or sap wood. It is straight grained.

Damanu (Fijian calophyllum)

Heartwood is light reddish-brown. Texture is intermediate to coarse and the grain is generally interlocked.


Yaka timber is brown to red-brown with fine dark streaking and great colour variation. The texture is fine and the grain is usually straight but sometimes wavy. Yaka looks like heart  New Zealand Rimu with a more distinctive colour variation.