Salusalu (Dakua Salusalu)

The colour of Salusalu ranges from pale brown to golden orange-brown and has a fine even texture.  Often regarded as a substitute for sap rimu.


For professional restoration projects and DIY renovations, White Cliffs has a comprehensive stock or standard-size and standard-profile mouldings in Rimu and Radiata options. To save you time, we can also help you source non-standard mouldings from specialist manufacturers.



Raidata is the most readily available timber in New Zealand. The heartwwod is light brown to yellow and sapwood white to pale yellow with wide distinguishable growth rings. Used for a wide variety of applications.

New Zealand Rimu

NZ Rimu is a native of New Zealand and is a even textured softwood which is a reddish brown colour sometimes even a yellowish brown with a variable look depending weather it is heart or sap wood. It is straight grained.