American White Oak

American white oak heartwood is pale yellow-brown with more variable in colour to light dark brown, sometimes with a pinkish tint. Mostly straight grained with medium to coarse texture, will vary according to the growing regions. Sapwood is light coloured.

Silver Beech

Silver beech colour varies as heartwwod is pinkish brown and sapwood is light pinkish grey. The colour of silver beech varies with location and age.


Tawa has a white to pale brown coloured heartwood. The texture fine with a straight grain.

Taun (Akwa)

Taun heartwood varies in colour from pink-brown, darkening with age. The grain is straight, occasonally interlocked and uneven.

Kwila (Merbau)

Kwila heartwood is yellow-brown to dark red-brown in colour. The texture is moderately coarse and grain may be straight or slightly interlocked. Yellow and dark coloured deposits are common feature of the wood.  It is non-siliceous, sometimes lustrous.  Timber ‘bleeds’ when wet.

T & G Flooring

You are spoilt for choice with the White Cliffs range of quality tongue-and-groove flooring timbers which include:

Most of T&G flooring is available in a 19mm finished thickness and range from 83 to 180 cover widths.
T&G overlay flooring is available in a 12mm thickness

Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian oak has a varying colour from Straw to a Reddish Brown. The grain is straight with open texture


Jarrah is a native to South Western Australia, it is a heartwood with a rich dark brownish red colour. It can have a straight or interlocked grain with an even medium coarse texture. One of world’s most durable timbers.


Raidata is the most readily available timber in New Zealand. The heartwwod is light brown to yellow and sapwood white to pale yellow with wide distinguishable growth rings. Used for a wide variety of applications.

New Zealand Rimu

NZ Rimu is a native of New Zealand and is a even textured softwood which is a reddish brown colour sometimes even a yellowish brown with a variable look depending weather it is heart or sap wood. It is straight grained.

Damanu (Fijian calophyllum)

Heartwood is light reddish-brown. Texture is intermediate to coarse and the grain is generally interlocked.


Rosawa is a pale yellow brown colour, teak like timber from Fiji. The texture is fine with slightly interlocked grain. Rosawa is a very stable timber.


Yaka timber is brown to red-brown with fine dark streaking and great colour variation. The texture is fine and the grain is usually straight but sometimes wavy. Yaka looks like heart  New Zealand Rimu with a more distinctive colour variation.